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This is a blog dedicated to music. Emphasis on pop-punk but don't expect it to cater to just one genre. Tune in for Weekly mixtapes and generally sick music jams.

New Found Glory, “Dig My Own Grave”

It dawned on me that maybe the last post was a bit heavy, so I’m doubling it up with one of my favorite New Found Glory videos.

Speak, Priest, “The Map, the Lake”

Am I a shameless self-promoter? Sometimes. Do I think this is a sick music jam? Well….

I don’t write about my songs often because when it comes to Speak, Priest, I have the confidence of a chunky 13 year old with acne issues. It’s the first project I’ve had since 1999 that’s not of the hardcore and/or metal persuasion. In my last band, I wrote all the lyrics and wanted to get away from writing incredibly personal words just because there’s such a negative stigma attached to being completely transparent, which is bullshit, in my opinion. If you can’t be honest in your songs, then you’re making music for the wrong fucking reasons.

Without going into detail (because you can DL the entire EP for free and get a sense of it), I was going through a break up and it was rough and I made some ill-advised decisions around Christmas. “The Map, the Lake” is a reaction to my behavior and I consider it to be the first step towards getting over the relationship because I was able to admit that a) I was fucking up and telling people otherwise and b) I could finally say that I didn’t want the other person around because they were completely toxic for me.

If you check out the other songs, that’s cool. If not, then I won’t be mad about it, either. There are very few things that I get to be selfish about and this is one them (now help me book shows).

Joyce Manor

—See How Tame I Can Be


joyce manor-see how tame i can be

So for whatever reason, mad hella people are super butthurt over the new Joyce Manor record, “Ridiculous Long Title that Could Double As a Fall Out Boy Song” (or “Of All Things I Will Soon Grown Tired”), which just further solidifies my opinion that “punx” are fickle, fickle people who need something else to stand up for (racism and poverty, perhaps), instead of being mad that a band made a record that sounds different from their last effort and it’s only 13 minutes long.

Fuck that. This new JM record is gold, yo. I like the idea of a punk band making an album that is nowhere nearly as melodic as their previous effort and then getting everyone riled up. It’s damn near the spirit of the punk ethos, short of digging up Joey Ramone and putting his skull on your sweet Orange cab. This song, in particular, is great just because it’s so polarizing from anything else on their self-titled album AND this one. Simple drums, keyboards, and singing.

What really makes me like the band even more is that they didn’t give enough fucks to try and remake their last album, therefore, not meeting anyone’s expectations but their own. It also tells me that if they went into a huge recording studio and had Rob Cavallo produce their record, people would still be super mad about it, because it betrays them being “punx,” or whatever.

Like I said, “punx” are a fickle bunch and if they want Joyce Manor to re-record their last album so bad, THEY should pick up instruments and start a cover band. I’m totally in love with this new shit.

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This Time Next Year, “Drop Out of Life”

I usually catch shit for liking this band, but I don’t even care. It’s super melodic pop-punk that’s tailor made for people who got into Green Day, then discovered FAT and whatever else is out there (Jade Tree? Are they still a thing?), and now are too unapologetic to dismiss the merits of pop-punk. 

If I may get on my soapbox for a sentence: there’s very little danger in the term “pop-punk.” I highly doubt buying a Queers record will necessarily buck the status quo. It does, however, speak to my personal sensibilities in the way that Michael Jackson does. It’s catchy sing-songy stuff about girls or growing up. There’s nothing complicated about that and what I like about This Time Next Year is that they don’t pretend that they’re anything but a bunch of white kids from the suburbs who want to sing about this shit. There are other bands, who are incredibly nice and gracious people, but I feel that most times, they tend to write songs about struggle and hardships that are disingenuous because, having known them, they are white kids from the suburbs who would secretly want to sing about girls, but they don’t because they have a rep to protect. Silly bitches. 

The Used

—I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)

The Used - I Caught Fire 

This song is so High School. I have yet to hear the Used’s new stuff, but I might have to now just to review it. This was such a great record.

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The Living End

—Prisoner of Society

The Living End - Prisoner Of Society

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Diamond, “Sunburn”

Diamond is this band from Baltimore that a couple of my friends hipped me to a while back, but I was too lazy to actually listen to them until recently. For their last few shows, they’ve been billed with bands like Polar Bear Club, Such Gold, and the ilk, but, in my opinion, they sound a lot closer to bands like Hey Mercedes and Bleed American-era Jimmy Eat World. They have huge hooks and, unlike most bands, they can actually sing pretty well. Check ‘em out. 

Music Blog

So I started this blog as a way to post all the music I really enjoy. I’m collabing with a friend and maybe one other person, but for sure it’s gonna be us two. As far as genre goes, no clue. There will probably be a heavy pop-punk influence on my end, but my taste is pretty eclectic, so don’t expect this blog to cater to just one genre. 

I have a thing where I wanna drop a downloadable mixtape every Friday. I’ll also try and do album reviews on new and upcoming records. 

New Found Glory - Head On Collision 

We’ll kick off this blog with one of my favorite bands, New Found Glory. 

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